Reference to Justin Poynter during an interview after gaining her card on the LPGA for the 2024 season.

— Kristin Gillman

Reference to Justin Poynter during an interview at the 2018 Masters
— Jason Day

Reference to Justin Poynter during the 2018 US Amateur
— Brad Faxon

Justin Poynter is a young man I have known for some years.  He is the Manager of a good golf school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  He is not a teacher from the “High Platform” instead he reserves that space for his students of which he has plenty.  He knows it’s a simple game taught simply.  Justin has had great success with many young players.  If you are choosing the top 100 teachers in the country, I would strongly suggest you add Justin as he will be a great addition.
— Jack Burke, Jr.

My son, Connor, takes from Justin Poynter. I’ve been fortunate to know a lot of people in golf over the last 30 plus years but this man is without a doubt one of the greatest instructors I know. Golf is the greatest game on the planet because of people like Justin who can not only teach young people how to win tournaments but more importantly how to win in life! Thanks Justin for all that you do for us. 

— JJ Henry

Justin Poynter is a very unique teaching professional, and I’ve seen and worked with so many. I can talk to Justin about any aspect of golf instruction and get a top quality answer. However, Justin is so much more than a golf swing teacher. He is a golf sports psychologist and a golf coach wrapped into one. He is respected by everyone who meets him. Justin has worked hard on his own game, which I love. He runs the McLean Golf Center in Texas, plus our year round junior academy. He teachers tour players, top juniors and the weekend golfer achieving success with all. Justin is as honest and trustworthy as anyone I have ever known. He’s a true professional and I’m so lucky to call him my friend.
— Jim McLean

Justin’s knowledge & ability to teach golf mechanics is world class, but what sets him apart from every other instructor is his passion for helping his students become exceptional human beings on and off the golf course. His faith, kindness, & ability to strengthen his students minds makes him world class. I am proud to consider Justin Poynter, not only a coach, but a mentor and a friend.
— Christina Lecuyer

Reference to Justin Poynter after winning the Latin America Amateur Championship

–– Alvaro Ortiz

Justin Poynter will go to any lengths to make his students improve. He has travelled the globe to learn about the best coaching practices in the world, and then developed the junior program in Texas by selecting the great characteristics of each program. He is constantly learning about coaching through reading and observation. Justin knows how to show tough love, when needed, to get the best from his players. He has a compassionate and human side that he shares with his students too. He has coached players of all abilities; without exception, everyone has improved. He constantly strives to improve his own coaching efficacy by reflecting on his lessons, speaking with other coaches and learning from experts in other fields.
— Dr. Robert J. Neal, CEO/Founder, Golf BioDynamics Inc.

Few months have gone since the day I left the Jim McLean and I didn’t really have the chance to thank you very much for what you and everyone at the JM taught me. It has been something priceless, I became a better coach and definitely a better person. I am sorry that it took me so long to write you this email but I had the chance to travel a bit (Asia, Australia, Europe), visiting very beautiful courses and academies and everyday I was becoming more and more aware of how incredible it was to make part of your team at the JM Texas and the incredible chance that I had to learn from the best coaches and at 100% the best Golf Learning center that I have ever seen.I can’t deny that now and than I miss that place and one of the lessons that I learned is that sometimes you don’t realize the incredible opportunity that you have till you don’t lose it. There have been days that I hated that place and I realized too late that it was all part of a process that would have turned me in a better coach and person. Now I am in Sydney Australia, doing a wonderful experience but I have the feeling that I can’t really feel completely satisfied in any of this “golf dimensions” because in my opinion once you experience the excellence the rest seems always a level below.

Well in conclusion, thank you very much for everything, thanks Joey, Chris and everyone there. They all taught me something.

— Matteo Mosele, former intern at Jim McLean